Thursday, December 23, 2004

Tragedy Rocks

Finally! After waiting for well over a month, the album I ordered by The Crimea (Tragedy Rocks) has finally arrived. Recap: they are fantastic. End Recap.

Less happilly, when I opened my letterbox, it fell out and landed on my left foot. I was in socks and it hurt. Ow.


Maine said...

That's two injury posts in a row. All you need now is for a stranger to punch you in the gut this afternoon and you'll have completed the trifecta!

Aim said...

LOL I was going to say "you seem to be hurting yourself a lot lately", but Maine said it better. Jerkface. :)

Lint said...

Yep - I'm rubbish.

Strange thing is, that I have absolutely no idea what I hit my head on last night. I also have no recollection of writing that post. Possibly too much Christmas spirit.

Christopher said...

On behalf of Owen, I appologise for the wait. He can be a bit of a nobber getting things posted, but they have been abroad for the past month which is probably why it took sooo long :o( The whole foot/falling onto thing is nowt to do with him thought. You haven't bought anything on V2 lately have you?
Ps. nice city you live in there :o) do you know if track records still have a load of crimea singles in? i forgot to look when i was last in town :o\

Lint said...

Cheers Christopher.

I think Track may still have a few of the singles in there (it's certainly where I got all mine from). The only things I can remember getting on V2 recently have been by Dogs Die In Hot Cars. Though there could be others.