Friday, January 04, 2008

Festive 20 - 2007

Lazily I'll just copy last year's brief preamble.

Every year, I compile a list of the top 20 songs of the year as voted for by me, the only person that counts. Rules for eligibility for inclusion in the list are flexible, but I think all on this year's list were released either as a single, or on an album during the year.

Let the countdown commence. In reverse order:

20: Wasted little DJs - The View
19: Elvis ain't dead - Scouting for girls
18: O Valencia - The Decemberists
17: Going to a town - Rufus Wainwright
16: All the love in your hands - Thirteen Senses
15: Our love goes deeper than this - Duke Special
14: Smokers outside the hospital doors - Editors
13: The world is outside - Ghosts
12: Australia - The Shins
11: The Prayer - Bloc Party
10: Home - Amsterdam
9: No emotion - Idlewild
8: Had enough - The Enemy
7: Mathematics - Cherry Ghost
6: Decimate - David Ford
5: Carry on - Ben's Brother
4: Better - Tom Baxter
3: Rule the world - Take That
2: People help the people - Cherry Ghost
1: Tranquilize - The Killers (feat Lou Reed)

The ranking is slightly arbitrary in places but there you go.

Cherry Ghost have managed a double placing this year through having two mighty fine singles. The Killers single is an excellent one. More downbeat than most of their output but it just sounds different to anything else I've heard this year. I nearly included their Christmas single, Don't shoot me Santa but eventually left it out as a) it wasn't as good as Tranquilize and b) it was too silly.

See you next Jan for the 2008 list! I have no idea what it will look like. Will Take That make the list for a third year running?...

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