Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A DS Emergency Resolved

After approximately eighteen years of fruitless searching, I have finally found myself a replacement white DS Lite. Okay, it was only a week and a half but it's felt longer due to the amount of internet searching and shop searching I've been doing. Yes, I should get out more.

It was York HMV that came up trumps today. The last weeks have taught me one thing - HMV have DS Lites delivered on Tuesday morning. The first week I was too late. The second they only had pinks. This week I was in early at lunchtime and they had about 16 white ones in. Jackpot!

The downside was that the greedy b**stards wouldn't sell me one on its own, only as part of a "Mega Deal" which meant I had to buy two games and get a free accessory pack filled with things I don't need. Combined with my old ones, I now have five spare styli. That is too many. I've never lost one yet. Touch wood. Not that I need to touch wood when I have five spare ones.

I'll take better care of this new machine. The pack contained a case which I may use. It won't help if I drop it when it's not in the case though.

It also contained an "Emergency Battery Charger". Now, I love playing on the DS as much as the next small child but I find it hard to envisage any kind of real emergency where being able to charge a handheld games console would be some kind of solution.

Perhaps if you were trapped down a mountain crevasse and used up your whole battery playing Pokemon, and then suddenly realised that you had the internet browser cartridge with you. And then realised that, doh, you had used up all the battery. But then you realised you'd remembered the emergency battery charger and so you can charge the battery enough to connect to the internet and use email to send for help. And luckily, the crevasse you're in has wi-fi. In that sort of emergency I can see a real benefit. But not in any other.

Except even in that scenario, you'd probably have forgotten to put batteries in the emergency charger. So you'd die cold and alone.

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