Thursday, January 03, 2008

Books Read in 2007

I got through a reasonable amount of books again this year but still (again) failed to meet my annual internal target of two per month. Just like last year I've only managed 22 again.

* Pushing Ice - Alastair Reynolds
* Pandora's Star - Peter F Hamilton
* Judas Unchained - Peter F Hamilton
* Learning The World - Ken Macleod
* Cloud Atlas - David Mitchell
* Unspeak - Stephen Poole
* Sunstorm - Arthur C Clarke & Stephen Baxter
* Lint - Steve Aylett
* Marvel: 1602 - Neil Gaiman
* Iron Council - China Meiville
* Ancient Shores - Jack McDevitt
* The Meaning of the 21st Century - James Martin
* Watchmen - Alan Moore
* Black Jade - David Zindell
* Lisey's Story - Stephen King
* Dead Air - Iain Banks
* Making Money - Terry Pratchett
* Eternals - Neil Gaiman
* Illium - Dan Simmons
* The Big Over Easy - Jasper Fforde
* Olympos - Dan Simmons
* Resplendent - Stephen Baxter

Eagle eyed readers will spot a couple of graphic novels in there. They do count. My rules.

Best of the year were probably Pandora's Star and Judas Unchained (they're all one story and only split into two books as it would be 2000 pages long if they weren't). Very long but complex and good fun.

Dan Simmons' pair, Illium and Olympos were also a lot of fun, but also completely bonkers, mixing the Trojan War with spaceships, robots, monsters and quantum physics. I would have put it as favourite except that the plot never quite all comes together in the way I'd have liked and a lot of elements are left unexplained (or maybe they just don't make sense).


Tsuki said...

I'd recommend the other Jasper Fforde books if you get chance, the ones about Thursday Next - they're perhaps even better than the Big Over Easy was.

Lint said...

Cheers - I've read the first four of those but not the new one that came out last year (but no doubt I'll get round to it at some point!).