Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ghost Tunnel

The lights in the Leeman Road railway tunnel have been totally screwed for three days now. The tunnel is 100m-200m long and so in daylight it's pretty dark. At night and in the morning, the times when I tend to be in it at the moment, it's hard to see your hand in front of your face. Luckily it's a straight tunnel and so as long as you keep going in a straight line you can't go far wrong.

In fact, rather than be annoyed or scared about the darkness, I like to think of it as a fairground ride. With free entry! Like a ghost train without the train. So thank you York Council for the extra joy you are currently bringing me twice a day.

I did wonder whether it was an intentional thing by the council to reduce graffiti. It's hard to graffiti in the dark, and even if you took a torch to do it, nobody else would be able to see it. Is graffiti that nobody reads just as unfunny?

Or perhaps the lights are back on but I've started some kind of Pavlovian reaction and now automatically close my eyes every time I enter the tunnel.

Or perhaps there is no tunnel any more... the blackness I perceive as a lack of lights is merely the surrounding empty void.

Or perhaps the fuse has blown.

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