Wednesday, January 09, 2008

End of an Era

It's a sad day for the City of York.

News just in that Woolworths on Coney St is closing down a week on Saturday. After that, there will be no Woolworths in York. The one in Monks Cross closed a year or so ago and now the city centre branch is closing down.

York will be a nowhere-ville.


Any town worth its salt has a Woolworths. I was in Abingdon recently. It has a Woolworths. Even f**king Knaresborough has a Woolworths. But York now won't.

I don't even like Woolworths, especially the way they always put fake cases out on the shelves for DVDs, CDs, games and so on. That's pissed me off since I was a kid. But losing it is like losing a veruca you've grown fond of.

A sad day.

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