Tuesday, February 12, 2008

See You Another Night

I went into HMV yesterday lunchtime and bought the new album by One Night Only. As far as I can tell (from what I've heard) they are a bit overrated - a good band but nothing out of the ordinary.

In the evening, in that same store, they were going to be doing an in-store appearance involving (probably) a short set and a signing session. Entry would be by pre-obtained wristband only.

Since I was buying the album, the shop-lady asked me if I wanted a wristband. I said no-thanks. She seemed a little surprised by this and must clearly have assumed that I was a fan since I was buying the album (with cash) on the day of release. Even though I was wearing a tie, which isn't very rock and roll.

She checked what I'd said - "You don't want to see them play?". I said, no thanks, not tonight. She still looked puzzled but let me be. She must have assumed I was just a misery-guts. My reasons for refusal were two-fold. Firstly, I had planned to go running after work. Secondly, I have tickets to see them in a couple of weeks at Fibbers and so I figured I could wait until then. I didn't want to have to explain all this to the shop-lady as I had a sandwich in my other hand and I wanted to return to my office desk so I could munch on it.

It was lucky she didn't push the subject and I'm happy for her to consider me a misery-guts if she wishes.

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