Thursday, February 14, 2008

Return Of The Trolley

Today was the start of potentially a new (yet old) era at work... the return of The Tea Trolley! Yes, that's right, as a pioneering move, we're having a trial run of an at desk trolley service like what you'd get on a train or in the 1950s.

It's only a trial so initially they're not going to have much of a schedule and are just going to wonder round and try and see where the demand is. Future schedules will then be built to go more often to places where they'll sell more.

So when I spied the lady this morning I made damned sure I bought a coffee. I want them to come round my area lots, as I want coffee! And chocolate!

And was it my imagination or did it taste better than the stuff I normally get from the work cafe?

Downsides to this idea:
- I can go to the cafe any time I want, whilst the trolley is only intermittent.
- I don't get stamps on my loyalty card from the trolley.

and most importantly...

- I sit 20 seconds walk from the cafe, so it's not like it's an effort.

But still, it's good stuff. I'm hoping that next week they reintroduce the use of small boys as "chimney sweeps".

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