Tuesday, December 18, 2007

We're All Going To Die

Like most right-minded individuals I'd quite like Malcolm Middleton's new single, We're All Going To Die to be Christmas number one this year. It's a jolly little number and just right for those post-turkey moments.

I bought it off iTunes this morning and quite enjoyed the receipt I got later:

"We're All Going To Die"
"Report a Problem"

Like people might think that everyone going to die could be a problem (If I haven't laboured the point enough...).

Anyway, buy the single.

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Michael said...

The day has finally arrived when we show the music industry that we wil no longer put up with all this processed nonsense, that music should always occur naturally and not the creation of a bloke named Simon Cowell.

79p is all it takes to give the music industry the shake up that it needs:




Together we can save the UK hit parade from another bland festive no 1 and break the dominance of Xfactor in the name of independent music and one man’s quest to put this right...