Sunday, December 16, 2007

I'm not in Harrogate, despite what Channel 4 say

I'm watching a programme on Channel 4 about a group of people from Harrogate and its environs who become Muslims for three weeks. One of them is a Glamour model from York who lives just down the road from me. In one shot of her house you could actually see my place in the background. This is fine by me and it certainly makes the programme more interesting.

The bad thing is that it implied that we live not in York but in Harrogate (or at least "just on the other side of town"). Darned television. I thought they had all been forced to stop lying since the Queen/Blue Peter episodes. I blame Richard Bacon.

So just for the record, I live in York. Not Harrogate.

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Chip said...

That means you won't get my Christmas card then...