Friday, December 28, 2007

This one must have slipped under the news raider

I took this photo today. It contains something that is VERY, VERY wrong and I don't understand why there hasn't been Maddy levels of outrage in the British media about it.

It's not that these are an impending sign of alien invasion.

Regular crisp fans will have spotted straight away that the price has gone up a whopping 50%! Everyone who's anyone knows that Space Raiders cost 10p. Not 15p, 10p. You can buy ten packets for a pound if you want because they are only 10p. And they are also very nice. Space raiders are 10p because they've always been 10p and always will be 10p. They are the crisp that is immune from inflation.

Now I'm reasonably sure that you don't get as many crisps in a packet as you used to (which is how they probably got down to less than 100 calories per pack) but that's not the point. Price is the thing and 10p is the price.

I showed my immense displeasure in the shop by buying the two packets I was going to buy anyway but without smiling. That'll show 'em.

15p? Splitters.

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