Sunday, December 02, 2007

Three Signs of Xmas

The three ways in which I can tell Christmas has arrived:

1. First Christmas dinner was last night at York Racecourse. The food was alright, not great but edible. No major interesting stories to relate from it, at least not ones that I remember. I have two more Christmas dinners this week. By Friday I will be ready to drop.

2. The Killers have their Christmas single out, Don't Shoot Me Santa. I've heard it a couple of times now and whilst it is quite fun, I don't think it stands up next to last year's Great Big Sled. But I'll give it time and it's certainly going to make a fine ringtone for the next month.

3. We bought a Christmas tree today. Only a little one, it's about three feet tall, but it's the first time there'll have been one in the flat. It needs decorating and also moving out of the bathroom where it's living for the time being.

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