Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Best Sweet Ever

I think I may have found the best sweet in the world, ever. It was found in the city centre branch of Budgens, York:

Best Sweet Ever (1)

It may look like just a blue plastic hand but in reality it is so much more. Near the "wrist" are two buttons that transform this mere hand into something else. Something better. Something magnificent.

They turn it into a Scissors, Paper, Stone machine!

Press the button on the right to do scissors. Press the one on the left to do rock. And here's the clever bit, press neither button to do paper!

Best Sweet Ever (2) Best Sweet Ever (3) Best Sweet Ever (4)

Can you imagine how much fun we had in the pub on Friday night with five of these babies?!

I think there's some kind of candy in there too but I'm not quite sure where or how to get to it.

Also makes a handy back-scratcher.

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