Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bad Reviews

I never really got on with the Mac version of Firefox 2. Feature and usability wise it was great but for some reason it would crash frequently (once a day or so) and it was just too darned annoying. I've therefore been using Flock instead, as I quite like it, even though I don't use most of its specialist web 2.0 capabilities.

Firefox 3 came out yesterday so I thought I'd give it another go and see if it was more stable than the last version. So far I can't tell as I've only used it for ten minutes (and I'm writing this at work in IE). The main thing I've noticed is the way that the "back" button is now bigger than the "forward" button. That'll be a great help.

And that's the end of my comprehensive review.

But wait, you cry. That's a rubbish review! You've barely used it or seen the new things!

Well, I say "Pah"! I saw a review of Rock Band in Scotland on Sunday at the weekend and the girl who reviewed it hadn't even had a go on the drums (as she couldn't afford them or something). Now what, what, what is the point of that!? Would she review a restaurant without trying the food? Would she review a hotel based purely on the valet parking? Maybe she would. But the upshot is that she's lowered the bar for me in terms of what a review needs to cover (she gave RB 4/5 by the way).

So there.

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