Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Been Caught Stealing

I saw a particularly inept shoplifter in HMV yesterday.

First I knew was the beeps. Then, very shortly after, the security man running outside also. The beeps were the cause of the security running.

It turned out (about 5 seconds later) that a man had been stealing! Because the security man caught the beepy man just outside the front door with between ten and twenty Xbox games under his coat. Too many to even hide subtlely. Idiot.

Not sure what he was doing as I reckon they keep the game discs behind the counter and I don't think he'd checked them out library style.

One game you might get away with under your coat. They are small and easy to hide. But ten to twenty? No way! They slip and slide against one another. He was a slim guy when he entered the shop and a fat guy when he left.

Idiot. Should be shot. I'm pretty sure they keep the actual games behind the counter.

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